ADS Securities Review - Dubai Forex Brokers ADS Securities Review - Dubai Forex Brokers

ADS Securities Review - Dubai Forex Brokers

ADS Securities Review - Dubai Forex Brokers

Forex Trading is growing more and so is Forex companies in UAE and Dubai. ADS Securities is Abu Dhabi based financial service firm, which offers Forex and other Capital Markets investment instruments for retail and institutional clients. ADS Securities was established in 2011 and are headquartered in Abu Dhabi. 

They are still planning to open their office in Dubai, January 2017.

ADS securities have grouped themselves with different brand ADS Prime for retail clients. The main focus of ADS remains foreign exchange, commodities and brokerage trading, with offices in London, Hong Kong and Singapore. In 2014, they added investment banking and asset management to its portfolio as well.

ADS Securities offers three types of Accounts opening. There are lot of ADS Securities Reviews available online from traders, so better check them, before you make decision to trade with them. 

Regulated by the Central Bank of the UAE, ADS Securities is a very well capitalised company. The financial strength of the company has allowed on-going investment in technology; access to tier one liquidity providers and the provision of a very high level of client support.
Located in a stable and secure marketplace, ADS Securities is a new force in global trading. The company is focused on providing the consistent spreads and prices institutions and individual are looking for. Located between the Far-East and Europe ADS Securities helps bridge flows and maintain liquidity from the closing of Singapore through to the opening of London.

Prime Lite

Prime Classic

Prime Elite

Ø  Minimum Deposit $100
Ø  Maximum – US$5,000

Ø  Minimum – Initial deposit US$5,000
Ø  Maximum – n/a
Ø  Minimum – US$200,000
Ø  Maximum – n/a

Ø  2.4 pips with no commission charges (EURUSD)
Ø  1-1.5 pips with no commission charges (EURUSD)

Ø  Bespoke pricing with no commission charges

Ø  400:1 / 0.25%
Ø  200:1 / 0.5% Metals & CFDs
Ø  200:1 / 0.5%

Ø  100:1 / 1.0% to 200:1 / 0.5%

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