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Forex vs Binary Option, What you Trade in Dubai?

Let’s start with the easier - Binary options trading. It is faster to get started with binary options, as you don’t have to soak up as much knowledge as in FX trading. The process itself is pretty easy to digest and/or learn. You are betting on various currencies trying to predict whether their price will go up or down - if your prediction was right, you win, and if it was wrong, well, then you lose. This trading method makes making money pretty easy, if luck is on your side..

Forex trading is a whole other field of trading. You basically trade foreign currency in pairs. The market is liquid, and the trades happen on a worldwide scale with t…

Dubai Forex Scam : Exential Group : Update 15-5-2017

So at last, Dubai courts have ordered Exential Group, Forex scam company in Dubai, to pay 1 Million AED to one of the client, so there is hope for all other clients, lost the money in this Forex scam. 
Most of the clients were employed in Oil, FMCG and Airline companies in Dubai, who were mostly been attracted to poonzy scheme due to word to mouth marketing.
Lawyers say the Dubai Civil Court judgment against Exential in favour of the Filipino cabin crew member is a landmark in the long-running saga.
"Exential tried to baffle their clients with jargon to make it difficult for them," said Barney Almazar, head of legal aid at the Phi…

Forex Trading in Dubai - Trends - Dubai Forex Brokers

Dubai is land of opportunities and since it has proven itself to be heaven for millionaires and top elite in the world especially middle east region, its becoming hub for Rich people.

In last couple of years, lot of Forex brokers have opened up their offices in Dubai and it seems to be attractive opportunity to acquire Forex Clients in this region.
At the same time, Forex Trading in Dubai is booming and it seems a norm , what it is in west, to be involved in online trading to get something extra apart from the salary.

Many Fx brokers in Dubai are conducting Seminars in various States like Al-Ain , Abu-Dhabi, Sharjah and Fujairah. Interestin…

IG Markets Review- Dubai Forex Brokers

Today, i will give IG Forex Broker Review for our Dubai Traders. IG Group is a UK-based company providing trading in financial derivatives such as contracts for difference and financial spread betting and, as of 2014, stockbroking to retail traders. IG Opened their office in Dubai in 2015 and are based in DIFC and are regulated by DFSA. 

I had quite good experience with them , apart from their slow customer service. IG platforms are state of the art and provide new innovative technology to clients trading on their mobile app and Desktop. I could say, IG is one of the best Forex Trading broker in Dubai. IG is not providing Swap Free account at…

Amana Capital Review - Dubai Forex Brokers

Amana Capital is leading Forex Broker in Arab world and was established in 2010 in Lebanon. Amana became one of the well known Forex broker in Dubai in very short time, due to their excellent customer support and purely focusing on Arabic community.

Amana Capital, main focus is in Arab World and is quite well know in Middle East. With time, they developed and regulated with different jurisdiction around the globe.

Amana Capital Group is known with different names as per their geo location.
Amana Financial Services-UK,Amana Financial Services (Dubai) Limited, Amana Capital SAL-Lebanon, Amana Capital (Cyprus) LimitedRegulations:Amana Capital is a…

DFSA Regulated Forex brokers - Dubai Forex Brokers

DFSA is a most secured regulatory body Dubai to secure the funds and activities of Dubai Forex Brokers. There are not too many DFSA Regulated Forex brokers in Dubai as it applies very strict regulatory environment of international standards for Forex brokers to follow. It is always good, if you are too much concern about your investment and want to have local jurisdictional in case of any complain.
In recent days, more and more big Forex brokers are trying to be regulated by DFSA so that they can get legal status to operate in Dubai. One of the main benefit to have DFSA regulated Forex broker is that you can physically meet your account manag…

FCA - UK Regulated Forex Brokers in Dubai - Dubai Forex Brokers

If you are in UAE, and looking one of the trusted FCA Forex broker in Dubai, Abu dhabi etc.. You will find lot of local Forex brokers, who claimed to be trustworthy and have been authorized and regulated to secure your funds but always check yourself on regulatory body website to check if they are really secure or they do have direct company and not a white label representing any regulated broker.
One of the most secure body out there to protect Forex traders in Dubai is Fincancial Conduct Authority of UK, which i could say is the most reliable regulatory body to secure assets of Forex traders. I am happy to see, lot of Forex traders in Dubai…

Islamic Forex Brokers in Dubai

If you are looking for Islamic Forex brokers in Dubai, you must need to make sure, it is swap free and broker is Shariah Compliant. Many Forex broker in Dubai, claim they offer Islamic Account but in reality, they are not. So please double check.
UAE have became bigger community for Muslim Traders and trend is like rising sharply as compare to other GCC and Muslim countries. Lot of people asking me for Swap Free Islamic Forex Trading account now a days, which show more and more people in Dubai, UAE are jumping to trade online to earn extra. It is good that some people are concerned about online trading from Sharia point of view and always p…

Alpha Capital Markets Review | Dubai Forex Brokers

There are not too many good reviews about Alpha Capital Markets UK Broker. I personally know lot of traders in Dubai, who have not good experience with Alpha Capital Market. This broker is regulated by FCA UK and have representative office in Dubai. So they are not regulated by DFSA in Dubai or from UAE Central bank.

I was recently trying to look at Alpha Capital Markets review and found that most of reviews both from Publishers and traders are against the broker. Most of the publishers have placed warning and placed Alpha Capital Markets as scam forex broker.

Abu Dhabi Stock Market Tilted Up after NBAD / FGB Merger

ABU DHABI, 14th May, 2017 (WAM)--AED 2 billion worth of transactions were conducted over NBAD 's share through 30 sessions since the merger of the First Gulf Bank and National Bank of Abu Dhabi that created the Middle East region's largest banking entity under the name First Abu Dhabi Bank, FAB With 1.3 million shares owned by foreigners, the increased trading over the recent period rendered NBAD the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange's top performer, increasing by 9.8 percent from AED 10.25 to AED 11.30 at the close of Sunday session, bringing its total market value to AED 122.6billion, an increase of AED 10.9billion over its value …

ADS Securities Review - Dubai Forex Brokers

Forex Trading is growing more and so is Forex companies in UAE and Dubai. ADS Securities is Abu Dhabi based financial service firm, which offers Forex and other Capital Markets investment instruments for retail and institutional clients. ADS Securities was established in 2011 and are headquartered in Abu Dhabi. 

They are still planning to open their office in Dubai, January 2017.

ADS securities have grouped themselves with different brand ADS Prime for retail clients. The main focus of ADS remains foreign exchange, commodities and brokerage trading, with offices in London, Hong Kong and Singapore. In 2014, they added investment banking and ass…

HYCM , Leading Forex broker Launches New In-depth Trading Tools, Platforms & Website

Henyep Capital Markets (UK) Ltd, a renowned name and one of the world’s largest forex and CFD brokers, has rebranded to HYCM.Following the launch in July, 2016, HYCM’s new website comes with a release of new features for traders.

London (PRWEB) October 12, 2016 Henyep Capital Markets (UK) Ltd, a renowned name and one of the world’s largest forex and CFD brokers, has rebranded to HYCM. Following the launch in July, 2016, HYCM’s new website comes with a release of new features for traders. The new features include new multi-asset trading platform, new cutting edge mobile trading applications and the latest innovative trading tools to help trade…

HY Markets re-brands as HYCM | Dubai Forex Brokers

Henyep Capital Markets, a.k.a. HY Markets, announced on Monday it is rebranding as HYCM. Its capital investment brands PIPtrade and Henyep Capital Markets (DIFC) also come under the umbrella of the website, which will provide access to a new multi-asset web platform, called PrimeTrader. According to the announcement, existing clients of HY Markets can log in to the new website with their HY Markets usernames and passwords.

Users of HY MetaTrader 4 platform may continue trading on it, while active webtrader users are referred to the new PrimeTrader platform. HYCM’s new flagship platform provides complete online account management, a…

Making money(Forex) online in Dubai , Myth?

Its funny but been asked lot of times , is it true making money online by Forex trading ? Lot of chaps in Dubai really energetic to avail their free time doing something and to generate some bucks. I have met lot of people doing so , even house wives but they know exactly how it could be happen all well.
So let me tell you, yes, and if it look like a bit stuffy or spam to you what i am talking about, give try to Forex demo account yourself while having learning curve of all technical analysis been required to trade virtual account of $50,000.

Make money online in Dubai by Forex Trading - Dubai Forex brokers

Well, this is most search query on Google and other search engines across middle east and especially in Dubai. "How to make money online". Well, its not such easier to be accomplished, but fairly depend on money been invested to gain profit. If you thinking to been affiliate, spreading messages for different company promotions in Dubai, believe me its very difficult to earn money.
One best way, for people of Dubai, to earn extra money online is to invest their small portion of savings into online trading. Let say, you may start with $50 account , you may open with any regulated Forex brokers in Dubai. Choose the Forex broker, who ga…