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Welcome Dubai Forex brokers blog

Welcome to Dubai Forex brokers blog. I am living in Dubai for last 6 years and been into part time Forex trading. In fact, i am now looking into shift my self to full time trader. Reason to write off this blog is to give tips to people interested in Forex trading in Dubai.

If you are new to Forex trading in Dubai, or even experienced trader , please be aware of scam Forex brokers and always look for regulated Forex brokers. Might , you are aware of recent Forex scam by MMA Forex Dubai. Millions of dollars belonging to Forex traders in Dubai have been on risk and Dubai regulatory authorities are investigating the issue.
To choose Forex broker is really a difficult choice. My first broker was not regulated at all and even i was not aware why should i go for regulated broker.
I am trading my self with broker which have over 30 years of operational history and regulated by the Financial C…

Tips to find best Forex broker in Dubai

Dubai has a lot of potential for traders and investors as an investment ground. There are several Forex brokers here and while it is known as a thriving region in the Arab world, this doesn't eliminate the risks involved in Forex trading.
One of the most challenging tasks when it comes to Forex trading is choosing a Best Forex broker in Dubai to deal with. This process can be really daunting and confusing especially for a beginner. If you are someone who is just getting started then here are a number of things you should know when choosing your broker:

Regulated or Mere Licensed?
While a Forex broker’s license might remove your apprehension and provide you a certain degree of security, you still have little to no protection compared to dealing with a broker that is registered with a regulatory body. A licensing body does not conduct the same directorial functions of a regulator nor doe…

Dubai Gold Souq, A hidden valley of FX Traders

Well, you read correct. When you are in Gold souq, Al Ras, Dubai, you can see , Dubai city of Gold, mostly look a like a traditional Gold dealers who have their shops and working apart to get crowded their shops for Gold jewelry been offered.

What surprised me was the hidden group of Gold traders who believe in Click and Mortar model and basically work around actively in Gold spot trading online. The world have been changed, so those Gold traders. Now, most of those gold Merchants are trading online to get their share of Spot Gold trading.

For the shock, Gold souq traders are hedging their gold with spot gold and most of them , are quite professional in this field. These traders are well known in local markets and trading condition , they have are so marginalized that no Forex Broker in Dubai could give them more attractive deal to come on-board.

We don't like to trade with DGCX si…

Predicting Bitcoins Future?

The value of bitcoin is hard to predict, as the most famous virtual currency in the world is not influenced by quite the same factors as regular currencies. However, there are several important events that can influence the price of the Bitcoin in 2017. Financial analysts such as Roger Vier, Investor and Bitcoin Evangelist, predict that 2017 will be the best year yet for Bitcoin. Can you imagine , how it rises this year so far? If you have 10 bitcoins last year, you were have 1000 time more profit on those. Still Bitcoin is crossing the walls of profit.
How Does Bitcoin Position Itself on Financial Markets? A fast growing cyber-currency, Bitcoin has become an issue of high interest for the media, speculators, and even the U.S. government. Up until a couple of years ago, there were multiple stories about Bitcoin, most of them related to the fact that the currency is mined by computers an…

Dubai Bitcoin Trading Brokers

Wow, Are you also looking to trade Bitcoins or already trading ? Its a new viral trading asset in the market and i can see lot of traders are shifting toward Bitcoin online Trading. Even lot of new bee asking me how they can start Trading Bitcoins online in Dubai?

So What is Bitcoin Trading? If you buy Bitcoins at one price and then sell them for a higher price, you make a profit of the difference between those two prices, less any commission that you paid. However, if the price goes down, you will be in the uncomfortable position of having to either sell them at a loss or hold and hope the price goes back up while risking higher and higher losses if the price continues to drop.
Trading rules Bitcoin Trading is very profitable if done with Calculated risk. Depending on market movement and pattern, Bitcoin is usually quite volatile and jumps several time up and down throughout each trad…

Forex vs Binary Option, What you Trade in Dubai?

Let’s start with the easier - Binary options trading. It is faster to get started with binary options, as you don’t have to soak up as much knowledge as in FX trading. The process itself is pretty easy to digest and/or learn. You are betting on various currencies trying to predict whether their price will go up or down - if your prediction was right, you win, and if it was wrong, well, then you lose. This trading method makes making money pretty easy, if luck is on your side..

Forex trading is a whole other field of trading. You basically trade foreign currency in pairs. The market is liquid, and the trades happen on a worldwide scale with trillions of dollars per day.

That is why the differences are quite unique.

The greatest thing in binary options is that you can always anticipate the maximum gain or loss before you make the trade. A lot of binary option plays are only available at cer…

Dubai Forex Scam : Exential Group : Update 15-5-2017

So at last, Dubai courts have ordered Exential Group, Forex scam company in Dubai, to pay 1 Million AED to one of the client, so there is hope for all other clients, lost the money in this Forex scam. 
Most of the clients were employed in Oil, FMCG and Airline companies in Dubai, who were mostly been attracted to poonzy scheme due to word to mouth marketing.
Lawyers say the Dubai Civil Court judgment against Exential in favour of the Filipino cabin crew member is a landmark in the long-running saga.
"Exential tried to baffle their clients with jargon to make it difficult for them," said Barney Almazar, head of legal aid at the Philippine embassy.
"They claimed they were not the ones who invested the funds but they were the ones who had been given the cash so were equally liable for the losses."
The embassy is offering free legal advice to more than 30 victims and it…

Forex Managed Accounts in Dubai

Lot of people have asked me that they are seeking Forex managed Account service in Dubai and UAE. Lot of people in Dubai are now trending toward Forex/online trading because of its volatility for their investments and profit margins. In last 2 weeks, i got lot of inquiries from Dubai individuals who want to invest hugely in online trading but they don;t have time or either they are not well practical to do it themselves. What are Forex Managed Accounts?Managed Forex Accounts are fully segregated accounts individually owned by each investor at a brokerage firm, but managed (traded) by a professional trader or money manager on their behalf. Clients retain full control over their accounts at all time, as their money managers are granted “trade only” access to the accounts. It is a very unique and well structured model. Most of the Forex managers work full time and do trading each day for…

Forex Demo account - Learn Forex trading - Dubai Forex brokers

Are you new to Forex trading or experienced trader, Demo Forex account is the first step to evaluate any Forex broker. Let start with what is Forex Demo Account? Forex Demo trading account is account with virtual money to trade real time capital markets including currencies, Metals, commodities, stocks and indices. You can experience and test your Forex trading skills by trading with virtual money on live market.  Now a days, all Forex brokers are providing Demo account services and its much better to start with a broker while testing their demo account.  Apart from learning, Demo account give you an idea about the execution of trading platform. It also give an idea about trading platforms, technology been used by Forex brokers.
Some main advantages of Forex Demo accounts are No Risk You don't risk any capital with a practice account, so are free to experiment with strategies. Free …

Forex Trading in Dubai - Trends - Dubai Forex Brokers

Dubai is land of opportunities and since it has proven itself to be heaven for millionaires and top elite in the world especially middle east region, its becoming hub for Rich people.

In last couple of years, lot of Forex brokers have opened up their offices in Dubai and it seems to be attractive opportunity to acquire Forex Clients in this region.
At the same time, Forex Trading in Dubai is booming and it seems a norm , what it is in west, to be involved in online trading to get something extra apart from the salary.

Many Fx brokers in Dubai are conducting Seminars in various States like Al-Ain , Abu-Dhabi, Sharjah and Fujairah. Interesting thing is that .. all seminars are getting
crowd of audience and interest is shown generously to be involved in Forex Trading.

Always try with well reputed and regulated Forex brokers in Dubai and make sure, due diligence is adopted while selecting …

IG Markets Review- Dubai Forex Brokers

Today, i will give IG Forex Broker Review for our Dubai Traders. IG Group is a UK-based company providing trading in financial derivatives such as contracts for difference and financial spread betting and, as of 2014, stockbroking to retail traders. IG Opened their office in Dubai in 2015 and are based in DIFC and are regulated by DFSA. 

I had quite good experience with them , apart from their slow customer service. IG platforms are state of the art and provide new innovative technology to clients trading on their mobile app and Desktop. I could say, IG is one of the best Forex Trading broker in Dubai. IG is not providing Swap Free account at this moment so please double check with them, if you are planning to open Swap Free trading account in Dubai. 

Year Established: 1974
Broker Type: Market Maker, NDD
Broker Status: Independent Brok…

Amana Capital Review - Dubai Forex Brokers

Amana Capital is leading Forex Broker in Arab world and was established in 2010 in Lebanon. Amana became one of the well known Forex broker in Dubai in very short time, due to their excellent customer support and purely focusing on Arabic community.

Amana Capital, main focus is in Arab World and is quite well know in Middle East. With time, they developed and regulated with different jurisdiction around the globe.

Amana Capital Group is known with different names as per their geo location.
Amana Financial Services-UK,Amana Financial Services (Dubai) Limited, Amana Capital SAL-Lebanon, Amana Capital (Cyprus) LimitedRegulations:Amana Capital is authorized and regulated by below : Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Registration Number 605070Dubai Financial Service Authority (DFSA) Registration Number F003269.Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) Registration Number HE 281953The Cent…

DFSA Regulated Forex brokers - Dubai Forex Brokers

There are not too many DFSA Regulated Forex brokers in Dubai as it applies very strict regulatory environment of international standards for Forex brokers to follow. DFSA is a most secured regulatory body Dubai to secure the funds and activities of Dubai Forex Brokers.  It is always good, if you are too much concern about your investment and want to have local jurisdictional in case of any complain.

DFSA Regulated UAE Forex BrokersDubai Forex BrokerEstablishedRegulationsPlatformRatingIslamic AccountUAE OfficeRegulated in UAEDemo Forex AccountMin DepositDubai AddressMore Info HYCM


DFSA100Liberty House, DIFCVisit broker IG


DFSA500Al Fattan Currency House, DIFCVisit broker AMANA


DFSA100Liberty House, DIFCVisit broker
In recent days, more and more big Forex brokers are trying to be regulated by DFSA so that they can get legal status to…

FCA - UK Regulated Forex Brokers in Dubai - Dubai Forex Brokers

If you are in UAE, and looking one of the trusted FCA Forex broker in Dubai, Abu dhabi etc.. You will find lot of local Forex brokers, who claimed to be trustworthy and have been authorized and regulated to secure your funds but always check yourself on regulatory body website to check if they are really secure or they do have direct company and not a white label representing any regulated broker.
One of the most secure body out there to protect Forex traders in Dubai is Fincancial Conduct Authority of UK, which i could say is the most reliable regulatory body to secure assets of Forex traders. I am happy to see, lot of Forex traders in Dubai are aware of FCA UK and always opt for Forex broker, regulated by it.
FCA-UK have strict check on compliance and auditing of Forex brokers books to see, if they are doing fare enough with the traders. Recently, FCA-UK is becoming more and more strict…

Islamic Forex Brokers in Dubai

If you are looking for Islamic Forex brokers in Dubai, you must need to make sure, it is swap free and broker is Shariah Compliant. Many Forex broker in Dubai, claim they offer Islamic Account but in reality, they are not. So please double check.
UAE have became bigger community for Muslim Traders and trend is like rising sharply as compare to other GCC and Muslim countries. Lot of people asking me for Swap Free Islamic Forex Trading account now a days, which show more and more people in Dubai, UAE are jumping to trade online to earn extra. It is good that some people are concerned about online trading from Sharia point of view and always prefer to have swap free accounts but lot of people still don't know about this which need to be addressed and today blog post will cover this.

Forex Broker NameRegulated by Type of AccountPeriod


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